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Ny löpare till IFK Lidingö SOK: Sarina Jenzer

06 DEC 2011 13:00
Schweiziska landslagslöparen Sarina Jenzer kommer från 2012 att representera Lidingös färger. Här kommer en presentation av Sarina.
  • Skapad: 06 DEC 2011 13:00

Namn: Sarina Jenzer

Ålder: 20

Klubb i Schweiz: OLG Huttwil

Största meriter: Selected for National Team 2012 and World Cup Final in Switzerland, JWOC Poland (4th, Relay / 11th Sprint), two times Swiss Champion in W20
2010: JWOC Denmark (3th Middle, 11th Sprint), 2 medals at Swiss Champs
2009: JWOC Italy (6th Sprint)
2008: European Champion (EYOC) W18 in Sprint         
Framtidsplaner: The main goal of this season is to stabilize my o-technique and my level in the national team. It's my first year in the national team and I want to participate at the student world-champs in Spain. The other goal is to collect as much World Cup points as possible in the next season.

Önskad sträcka på 10-mila 2012: I prefer one of the first three legs.

Anledning till bytet:  I was looking for a Swedish club, because it's the easiest for a foreigner to be a member of a club in Sweden. The nice terrain and the short distance to Stockholm and the airport was another advantage. Also the people and the club activities are nice and I think that I can improve my performances in this club as much as possible. And I want to learn some Swedish as well.

Favoritterräng:  In Switzerland I like the terrain in the Grisons the most. But of course there are beautiful and challenging terrains all over the world.
Idol inom orienteringssporten:I have many idols in orienteering and it's important to learn from runners with different techniques.

Övriga intressen: I like reading, baking cakes and bisquits, drinking coffee with friends, shopping and cross country-skiing.

Varför började du orientera:  I started with orienteering because of my parents. The were active runners when I was a little children and after testing many other sports, I decided that orienteering is the worlds best sport.

Övriga meriter utöver orienteringen: I'm a geography student at the moment and it's very important for me to have something else beside the trainings and the competitions.

Bästa orienteringsminnet: The win of the bronze medal at last years JWOC in Denmark over the middle distance.

Styrka:  I'm very uncomplicated and spontaneous, I have a wide range of interests and I can laugh very very very good and loud...

Svaghet:  I'm quite impatient and I avoid things and situations I don't like and I'm scared of.

Medel eller lång: Middle

Natt eller dag: Day

Flackt eller kuperat:   A nice combination

Röd eller gul saft: Yellow

Favoritmat: I love asian food, but also the traditional Swiss Raclette.

Välkommen Sarina!

Skribent: EK





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