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Presentation: Klaus Schgaguler

01 FEB 2014 07:00
Löparpresentation av Klaus Schgaguler.
  • Uppdaterad: 08 JUN 2016 01:46

Namn: Klaus Schgaguler
Född: Some day in the very early 80s
Meriter: Multiple times Italian Champion (2013: long distance) and some good results with IFK Lidingö in 10mila and Jukola.

Bästa minnet från 2013: The start leg of Jukola felt just great, but I have also very good memories from the training camp in Turkey and the Kickoff Weekend with the club.

Vad ser du fram emot säsongen 2014: The 9th of July 2014 and the rest of the home WOC, but also running 10mila and Jukola with a great team.

Hur har vinterträningen gått så långt: The training has gone very well so far. Temperatures have been nice and there was no snow (until today :-) Therefore I was able to do all my trainings as planned and the first physical tests look promising.

Önskad sträcka på 10mila 2014: Very difficult questions. There are a lot of interesting legs this year. It would be nice to fight with the pack on a start leg, but also to run a long straight one in the middle, or to run for the positions in the end. I will be prepared for whatever my job will be!

Skribent: Øystein Kvaal Østerbø





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