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Presentation Sarina Jenzer

28 NOV 2012 15:16
Genom vintern tänker vi presentera alla våra löpare på hemsidan, och vi startar nu med Sarina Jenzer.
  • Uppdaterad: 08 JUN 2016 01:51

Namn: Sarina Jenzer
Född: 28.5.1991
Meriter: World Cup total result: 24th, 5 x top 20 results / EM: 17th sprint, 22th middle, 6th relay

Bästa minnet från 2012:
 - The world cup final in Vuokatti with the veeery steep finish on the top of the Vuokattinvaara! Also a good memory to prepare for next years WOC! :)

Vad ser du fram emot säsongen 2013:
 - I would like to run the world cup races this year and the world champs in Finland. I’m really looking forward to all the training camps to prepare for the important events and to reach good international results.

Hur har vinterträningen gått så långt:
 - Winter training started 3 weeks ago and the training goes well. I planned a lot of alternative trainings like wet vest and biking and also the xc-skiing-season starts soon. Because there's almost no snow here in Switzerland during the whole winter, we can do orienteering trainings as well. Also strength trainings are on the weekly schedule.

Önskad sträcka på 10mila 2013:
 - I would really like to run the first leg! But I'm going to be satisfied with all the other legs as well.

Skribent: Øystein Kvaal Østerbø





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