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Presentation: Sarina Jenzer

11 DEC 2013 14:46
Löparpresentation av Sarina Jenzer
  • Uppdaterad: 08 JUN 2016 01:47

Namn: Sarina Jenzer
Född: 28.5.1991
Meriter: JWOC 2010: bronce medal middle / World Cup 2013: 2 times Top10 (4th middle Oslo, 7th sprint Oslo) / World Cup Overall 2013: 16th / WOC 2013: 20th (long)

Bästa minnet från 2013: Being part of the World Champs as a runner for the first time in my life, after sooo many WOC's as a spectator was a dream coming true!

Vad ser du fram emot säsongen 2014: Hopefully the World Champs in Italy, but also the European Championships in Portugal and all the other international competitions! And of course to 10mila and Jukola!

Hur har vinterträningen gått så långt: Very good so far. I'm really looking forward to some serious XC-Skiing and to the looong runs through the snow.

Önskad sträcka på 10mila 2014: I would like to run a leg somewhere in the middle or at the end of the relay, sometimes there are too many people (= crazy girls) everywhere!

Skribent: Øystein Kvaal Østerbø




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