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Presentation av ny Lidingö-löpare: Adéla Indráková

04 DEC 2013 18:00
Tjeckiska Adéla Indráková kommer från 2014 att representera Lidingös färger. Här kommer en presentation av Adéla.
  • Skapad: 04 DEC 2013 18:00

Name: Adéla Indráková

Age: 22

Former club: No Swedish club, only Czech clubs

Best results: No significant results in elite class,

2012 O-ringen - 40. D21E

2012 MČR: -18. Long, - 9. Middle

Junior results: 

2011 JWOC Wejherovo: - 2. Relay, - 24. Middle, - 28. Long,

2011 MČR: - 1.  sprint, - 1.  long, - 1.  NOB, - 3.  middle

Planes for the future: Get to the Czech National team, improve my map and mind technique

Preferred leg on 10mila 2014: All but last one.

Reason for changing club: I have first Swedish club, no changes then.

Favorite terrain: Good visibility, rather hilly than flat. I do not have favourite some particular are, although terrains around Stockholm are really great.

Idol in the orienteering sport: Simone Niggli and Dana Šafka-Brožková

Other interests: Science, other sports – cycling, swimming, aerobics, TV series and reading, Geocaching

Why did you start with orienteering: Once I was in a park to enjoy the 1st of June and there were some strangers running with a map. So I tried it and since then I am doing the orienteering.

Non orienteering achievements: Not yet, only school related

Best orienteering memory:  Race and the celebration after Czech team competition in 2012

Strengths: I can work really hard, rarely give up

Weakness: usually do something wrong in the really important competitions (I want too much)

Favorite color: Blue

Middle or long: Long

Night or day: Both

Flat or hilly: Hilly

First or last leg: First

Red or yellow soft drink: Yellow

Sauna together of separated for the genders: Together, more fun J

Favorite food on the club house: Probably pasta with some sauce and polar bread with cheese.

Skribent: Øystein Kvaal Østerbø





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