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Presentation av ny Lidingö-löpare: Felicity Brown

28 DEC 2013 20:29
Felicity Brown från Australien kommer från 2014 att representera Lidingös färger. Vi hälsar Felicity varmt välkommen, och här kan ni läsa en presentation av Felicity.
  • Skapad: 28 DEC 2013 20:29

Name: Felicity Brown

Age: 29

Former club: Malungs OK 

Best results: 31st World Champs Sprint 2013, Vuokatti Finland

Plans for the future: Staying in Sweden and enjoying doing lots of different races around Europe. Hopefully running at the World Champs in Italy!

Preferred leg on 10mila 2014: Any

Reason for changing club: Following Julian, plus a good chance to train with some great girls in Lidingö!

Favorite terrain: interesting city sprints or fast running open forest. I also have a soft-spot for the terrain in Dalarna.  

Idol in the orienteering sport: Simone

Other interests: travel, holidays, music, cycling, coffee and wine!

Why did you start with orienteering: my parents introduced me to orienteering and then I met Julian.  

Best orienteering memory: World Champs in Finland 2013

Strengths: competitive

Weakness: working too much and not making it to training

Favorite color: blue

Middle or long: middle

Night or day: day

Flat or hilly: both - too much of one becomes boring.

First or last leg: middle

Red or yellow soft drink: I don't know what yellow soft drink is ... but prefer clear/water.

Sauna together or genders separated: together

Favorite food at the club house: not sure, I haven't been yet. 

Skribent: Øystein Kvaal Østerbø





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