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Presentation av ny Lidingö-löpare: Hector Haines

28 APR 2015 21:00
Hector Haines kommer att representera Lidingös färger framöver. Här kommer en presentation av Hector.
  • Uppdaterad: 08 JUN 2016 01:46

Name: Hector Haines

Age: 25

Former club: Espoon Suunta

Best results: 12th WOC Middle 2014 - Italy, 11th World Cup Long 2014 - Norway, current World Ranking 33rd.

Junior results: 16th JWOC Long Sweden 2008, 16th JWOC Middle Italy 2009

Plans for the future: World Championships and World Cups - representing Great Britain. Winning a World Medal!

Preferred leg on 10mila 2015: Last, First

Reason for changing club: I am hoping to move to Stockholm soon! Also, I didn’t really belong to a scandinavian club in 2014, and this year I want to gain valuable relay experience with a top class team.

Favorite terrain: Anything with lots of hills! The tougher the better. My favorite terrain in the UK is an area called Docharn and Deishar. Having said all that, in Sweden, I still have fond memories of Lunsen while on a training camp in Uppsala.

Idol in the orienteering sport: Bjornar Valstad, Thierry Gueorgiou

Other interests: Mountain Running, Cooking

Why did you start with orienteering: I was introduced to it by my parents at 11 years old - I was already a good runner when I started.

Non orienteering achievements: Masters in Structural Engineering, Multiple Scottish Hill Running Champion, record holder for a number of hill races.

Best orienteering memory: When the realisation that I had finished 12th in the World Champs sunk in...But I know I can do better!

Strengths: Hills, Endurance, Long Races,Technical Terrain

Weakness: Very fast flat and easy courses, Sprint Orienteering

Favorite color: Blue

Middle or long: Long

Night or day: Day

Flat or hilly: Hilly

First or last leg: Last

Red or yellow soft drink: I don’t really drink soft drinks, but if you pushed me for an answer - Red

Sauna together or separated for the genders: Together - equality and all that...

Favorite food on the club house: I am really not very fussy when it comes to food! I probably prefer rice over pasta, and am also a fan of couscous. I also enjoy all meats - chicken, beef, lamb, pork, etc, but tend not to eat too much processed stuff day to day - salami, sausages, etc. Though I will happily eat it now and then.

Welcome Hector! 


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