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Presentation av ny Lidingö-löpare: Matleena Boström

05 FEB 2014 07:00
Matleena Boström från Finland kommer från 2014 att representera Lidingös färger. Vi hälsar Matleena varmt välkommen, och här kan ni läsa en presentation av Matleena.
  • Skapad: 05 FEB 2014 07:00

Name: Matleena Boström

Age: 28

Former club: Rajamäen Rykmentti (Finland)

Best results: 9th in Finnish Champs Relay 2013, 3rd best last leg runner in 25manna 2013

Junior results: Finnish Champs medals in all distances-

Planes for the future: Improving on orienteering technic and forest running.

Reason for changing club: Change of training environment, getting to know Swedish culture:)

Favorite terrain: All kinds of terrains where the run ability is good.

Other interests: Travelling, photographing and studying.

Why did you start with orienteering: My parents forced me to;)

Non orienteering achievements: Starting in the front row for the New York City Marathon 2013 and running my PR 3:13 there.

Strengths: I don’t take orienteering too seriously. I’ll do it for fun! 

Weakness: I don’t take orienteering too seriously. I’ll do it for fun! 

Favorite color:  Blue in so many different ways!

Middle or long: Middle

Night or day: Day!

Flat or hilly: Flat

First or last leg: First

Favorite food on the club house: I love mashed potatoes, will there be any?!


Skribent: Øystein Kvaal Østerbø





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