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Presentation av ny Lidingölöpare - Bryan Keely

09 NOV 2015 12:58
Bryan Russel-Keely från Australien kommer från 2016 att representera Lidingös färger. Vi hälsar Bryan varmt välkommen, och här kan ni läsa en presentation av honom.
  • Uppdaterad: 08 JUN 2016 01:46

Name: Bryan Keely
Age: 27
Former club: Bendigo Orienteers
Best result: 34th WUOC sprint 2014, 1st Aus sprint 2012
Junior Result: Australian Easter champ'08
Plans for the future: To improve my orienteering technique in Scandi and represent Australia. 
Preferred leg on 10mila 2016: Long night or first (haven't done one yet)
Reason for changing club: Moved to Sweden to chase the dream and train like a beast.
Favourite terrain: Victorian gold mining/granite terrain
Idol in orienteering sport: Troy De Haas
Other interests: Track running, coffee, fishing and chilling.
Why did you start with orienteering: Lived with my uncle when I was 17 and he introduced the sport to me as I was already running a bit. 
Non orienteering achievements: Finished Uni and also studied as massage therapist. Got to a high level as a junior days in athletics, football and triathlon.
Best orienteering memory: First time I ran Jukola relay in 2013 and being amazed of how big of an event it is.   
Strengths: Like to train
Weakness: Fine navigation
Favourite colour: Baby blue
Middle or Long: Long
Night or Day: Day
Flat or hilly: Bit of both.
First or last leg: First
Red or yellow soft drink: Not sure... maybe yellow if its ginger beer.
Sauna together or separated for genders: Together for sure

Favourite food at the club house: Soup and fresh bread.

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