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Presentation av ny Lidingölöpare - Laurina Neumann

23 NOV 2015 12:17
Laurina Neumann från Australien kommer från 2016 att representera Lidingös färger. Vi hälsar Laurina varmt välkommen, och här kan ni läsa en presentation av Laurina.
  • Uppdaterad: 08 JUN 2016 01:47

Name: Laurina Neumann (Rooey)

Age: 27

Former club: Bendigo Orienteers

Best results: 47th long distance World Championships 2015

Junior results: 25th long distance Junior World Championships 2008, Winner of Australian Junior National League 2008.

Plans for the future: Enjoy running and finding my way around beautiful Swedish forests!

Preferred leg on 10mila 2016: Any leg will be a good leg! (Hopefully...)

Reason for changing club: Lidingö is a very welcoming club with great people!

Favorite terrain: Fast, open Australian granite!

Idol in the orienteering sport: Clive Pope! My first coach who made me love orienteering. He is currently a champion in his own class of M75!

Other interests: spending time with family and friends while enjoying fika or a nice glass of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc ;)

Why did you start with orienteering: I got bored of sitting in the car and waiting for my family to finish this thing called "orienteering..."

Non orienteering achievements: Beating Bryan at Julian's "car quiz" while travelling back from training in Strömstad! ;)

Best orienteering memory: Winning my first ever state championships with a stick stuck in my leg! I then spent the night in hospital...

Strengths: enjoy running

Weakness: a back that doesn't seem to work with the rest of my body :( 

Favorite color: purple

Middle or long: long

Night or day: day!

Flat or hilly: has to have a bit of both!

First or last leg: hmm last.

Red or yellow soft drink: yellow...

Sauna together of separated for the genders: the more the merrier!

Favorite food on the club house: still yet to try it! But I'm sure it's all Masterchef quality ;) 

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