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Tiomila 2013 with a strong team

07 MAJ 2013 13:25
Tiomila 2013 was a good competition – well-organized, nice weather and interessting courses! I knew before the race that we will be in the top at the end of the relay. We are a strong women team at the moment with a lot of girls in a good shape – thats fun! So I was a bite nervous before my leg:-)
  • Skapad: 07 MAJ 2013 13:25

With a good team performance we managed to finish 6th. It was a close race and we stayed in the top till the end because of solid performances and just small mistakes.  I’m looking forward to Jukola. I hope it will be as interessting as Tiomila 2013. And I’m sure we are again in the top when we focus on our orienteering!


I picked out some good parts of the women‘s last leg.

Start to 1:
To the first control on the last leg its always nice to have the option to take a safe route. In the GPS you can see all runners chose the route on the track. I think its a good choice because you get a good feeling  but it is a bit slower  to my control. Here I lost already the contact to Halden because we had a diffrent forking.


6 to 7 – the flat part
In this part it was hard to see the hills and marshes It was really flat. Next time I should trust myself more and just follow the compass towards a clear attack-point. I think in the night it was really difficult this part.


11 to 12 – the routechoice
For me it was clear to follow Simone and Tatjana to the 12th control (red GPS-line) because they had a really good speed. But the gps shows that we took a slower route. We run faster that’s why we lost almost no time to Lena Eliasson (DOM). It was hard to find a good line. Lena run here very well (braun GPS-line). It was good to avoid too much climbing but still stay close to the line.


GPS tracking from all legs

Skribent: Ines Brodmann





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