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To win a WOC gold medal at home is great, to win it with the team is fantastic…

17 AUG 2012 19:39
I was looking forward to run the first leg, to stand on the start line at home with all the spectators and to know that it is sent live in the Swiss television. After the start my legs felt a bit heavy and at that moment I realized that I’m more nervous than I thought.
  • Skapad: 17 AUG 2012 19:39

WOC_2012_Ines_controlI have a lot of experience on this leg and I know how to do a good job for the team.  But to the first control I did a small mistake; about one minute. After that I was totally awake and I tried to run faster to catch up the others. It was good that I had an easy and faster gaffling to the 4th control, and I came closer to the first runners. At the 5th they did a little mistake, and I saw them again. After that we stayed together the most time of the race. To the last control before we passed the arena I took the straight route, which was fastest. It was a good feeling to run as first through the arena. At the last loop there was nothing special, just that I missed one control a bit and some caught me up again. Annika and I made a small cap to the others and changed to the second-leg runners as first. I made my job with a safe race and a good speed. 





Then it was time to wait and follow my team mates, Judith Wyder and Simone Niggli. Judith did also a mistake to the first control but after that she ran very well. Simone went out as second and already after the first control she past Tove (that made a mistake). When Simone came to the last control we had a gap over 90 seconds! So we had time to enjoy the last meters with Simone, it was fantastic! We had a lot of bad experience in International relays the last years, that’s why we were so happy that we made it this time at home in Switzerland!



Weltmeisterin in der Staffel!!! - inesbrodmann.ch

Skribent: Ines Brodmann





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