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Presentation av VM-löpare: Hector Haines

24 AUG 2016 09:46
I dag presenterar vi Hector Haines, som representerar Great Britain under WOC i Strömstad. Hector sprang in till plats 41 på medeldistansen igår och laddar nu för långdistans imorgon.
  • Uppdaterad: 20 JAN 2017 17:53

Previous WOC results: 10th in Middle 2015, 17th in Long 2015, 12th in Middle in 2014. This will be my 6th consecutive WOC. 

This year I'm running Middle and Long and my goals are actually mostly completed! I have had the best training and preparation over the last year that I ever have had, and physically I'm probably in some of the best shape I've ever experienced. This preparation was my key goal, now I can relax and not worry about the results too much. Of course, I'd like to improve on my previous results, and I'm perfectly capable and in a position to do so, but the focus is on good performances rather than results.

My preparations for this WOC started over 3 years ago, with my first Strömstad training camp, and I've run in the west coast terrain many times since, so I feel very at home and confident there now. Added to which, I'm now permanently living here in Sweden, which had given me great training and racing opportunities this year to really top off what had been a quality few years of preparations.

Good luck Hector! 

Skribent: Thomas Furuheim
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