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Presentation av VM-löpare: Sarina Jenzer

22 AUG 2016 20:17
I dag presenterar vi Sarina Jenzer, som representerar Schweiz under WOC i Strömstad.
  • Skapad: 22 AUG 2016 20:17

Previous WOC-Results: 2013: Long 20. / 2014: Long 8. and Middle 9. / 2015: Middle 13.

What distances are you running this year: Middle Distance

Goals for WOC 2016: Diploma

Describe shortly your preparations: together with the swiss team i spent 7 weeks of training around the WOC-terrains. I think we are well prepared, even though it's not our home terrain. The biggest part of the final preparation for WOC I did in the Swiss Alps where I did a one-month high altitude camp with a good mix of orienteering trainings as well as competitions and physical training. Then we had a WOC-camp in Strömstad with the Swiss-WOC-Team and now I do the last training sessions at home in Bern. The focus lies on interval sessions and some active regeneration in between.

Good luck Sarina! 
Skribent: Thomas Furuheim
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